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Depending on    where    you live, university graduation season is approaching — or already in full swing. Those who have already nabbed job offers will greet graduation day with joy. But many others, who have not nailed down a job yet, face it with dread. 


In 2013, there were 74.5m unemployed young people aged 15 to 24 worldwide, according to the International Labour Organization,    and    that number is expected to grow this year. 


The good news? It is never too late in the game to l   and    that dream position — or at least an interim one that can help get you there. 


1.Become an expert. 成为专家。 

"Identify companies or organizations that [you] would like to work for    and    use all appropriate channels to target them    and    find out as much as possible about them," wrote Sally Walker, a UK-based career coach with SW Career Coaching, in an email.
找出你想去工作的公司或组织,利用适合的渠道去找到这家公司或组织尽可能多的信息,”Sally Walker在一封电子邮件中写道,她在英国成立了SW Career Coaching公司。

If there aren't any paid positions, see if you can volunteer with the organization in order to gain some work experience, Walker suggested. An alternative: find volunteer work at a different company in the same field. That could help you build relevant skills, extend your network    and    "show that you are doing something constructive rather than just sitting at home reacting to job adverts," she wrote. 


2.Don't give up. 不要放弃。 

"Keep talking    and    keep interviewing," wrote Ben Carpenter, author of The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students    and    Young Professionals About How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Start a Business,    and    Live a Happy Life, in an email. "As the school year winds down, you need to attempt to exhaust all your possible campus contacts." 

继续谈话,继续面试,”Ben Carpenter 在一封电子邮件中写道 。他是《如何找到好的工作、把工作做好、创业、过幸福的生活》一书的作者。随着校园生活接近尾声,你得尽可能和校园里认识的人联系。” 

Think beyond the school's career services department. Talk to coaches    and    professors    and    ask them if they can put you in touch with alumni who have gone    into    the industry (or industries) in which you are interested. "Contacts generated this way are incredibly valuable since you don't only share a college in common, you share a mentor," wrote Carpenter. 


There's nothing wrong with inquiring about contacts they used to get their foot in the door    and   , in a tactful manner, whether they'd be willing to introduce you to those same contacts. Finally, ask them if they would be willing to meet with you again after they've started in their new jobs, Carpenter suggested. 


3.Staring you in the face. 直面自新葡萄京官网网址。 

Many soon-to-be graduates don't take full advantage of their school's career services office despite the fact that it's expressly designed to help them. One of the best resources it offers is the alumni directory, according to Carpenter. First, search for alumni who work in your industry    and    who have a shared interest with you, whether it's the same major, sport or other activity. Second, look for alumni who either work in your industry, or work at companies that appeal to you. Request informational interviews. 

很多快毕业的学生并没有充分利用学校的职业服务办公室的帮助,尽管该办公室就是专门为他们设计的。据Carpenter,该办公室提供的最好资源是校友录。首先,从校友录里找一下谁在你想从事的行业里工作,谁和你有着相同的兴趣,比如相同的专业、运动或其他活动。其次,找一下在你想从事行业里工作的校友或在你感兴趣公司里工作的校友。 还可以在办公室里询问面试相关的信息。 

4.A creative approach. 创造性的方法。

Heinzel recommends students take a creative approach    and    make an information packet that they can send to the hiring manager or manager in the department    where    the target job opening is. The packet should contain a short cover letter, a resume    and    a creative item designed to get the manager's attention. For example, one c   and   idate who was applying to a position at a firearms company included his highest scoring paper target    from    a target-practice range, according to Heinzel. He got the interview. 


5.St   and   ing out. 脱颖而出。 

Lukose suggested getting the attention of your top-five target employers    by    giving them something useful to their line of work: a piece of research, a marketing pitch or a new product idea, for example. "This shows both a deep interest in that employer as well as your competence on the job," he wrote. 


It's up to you to grab their attention, he said, adding: "Remember, if they don't call you, it's because you are not on their mind." 


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